Act with love,
Not anger.
Act with compassion,
Not vengeance.

Whereas the Golden Rule is not a categorical imperative, the Golden Mantra is. This means that it works for everyone – all 7.8 billion and counting. The Rule (do unto others as you would have done unto you) doesn’t work all the time because some people are logical and some are emotional. This mantra is something you should think of throughout your day before and after making decisions. Even the name itself is an improvement. We’re all human and we are going to make mistakes, but you think about decisions and apply the Golden Mantra and try to improve next time you’re in a similar predicament. If you break a rule, you should be hurt or penalized or sent to jail. If you mess up the Golden Mantra, you just think about it and improve over time. If we all use this strategy in our lives, the world becomes a better place.