A TruthTeller always tells
The whole truth.
If not, it is always for
An altruistic reason.

Once everyone becomes a TruthTeller, information will be able to be passed from person to person very quickly – lots of enlightenment. If a TruthTeller says something, you don’t have any reason to question it. You can immediately take it as a fact. Let’s say you’re at a Taco Bell and you tell your friend that the burrito on his plate is a blue bunny rabbit. Everyone else in earshot thinks you’re crazy and doesn’t believe. Your friend on the other hand, doesn’t question it. He now knows (because he knows you’re a TruthTeller) that the burrito is a blue bunny rabbit. A moment later, a monster enters the taco bell and devours everyone who doesn’t think the burrito is a blue bunny rabbit. When you don’t have to question your teacher, information and enlightenment can happen at a rapid pace.