Everyone is different for a reason.
One’s disability is another’s ability.
Allow ALL freedoms and liberties
So these powers may be

Basically, The Golden Law is that there is no law. If everyone on the earth is enlightened or else dies off in one way or another, then there would be no need. One example of this is to allow all drugs to be legalized. That’s not to say that they should be used more, just that users shouldn’t be penalized. Every single food, drink, and drug impacts everyone differently. Every food impacts us differently. Some people like cilantro and others believe it tastes like soap. One person can have a beer with dinner and not touch beer again for 6 months. Another person can have that same beer and then down a bunch of vodka and find themselves in the gutter. So, every single drink impacts everyone differently. Every single drug as well. Some need two Tylenol while others need four aspirin for the same headache. Some people smoke marijuana and they eat too much pizza, watch too much tv and then don’t care about work. Others can successfully use it as a medication to treat Parkinson’s or epileptic seizures or to have less pain while dying of esophageal cancer. So, even though more than half of people are hurt by marijuana, there’s some that benefit. Don’t take away the freedoms and liberties of those who can use it for its intended purposes. Methamphetamine might hurt a high percentage of people, but why take away the freedoms and liberties of those who use it for ADHD, weight control, narcolepsy, or recreationally in a responsible way? The problem with food or drinks or drugs only occurs when there is abuse and/or addiction.