1) Love
2) Trust
3) Respect
4) Believe

I think that there are only 10 people in human history who’ve perfected the art of loving, trusting, respecting, and believing everyone. These 10 were able to knock and have it open, ask and receive, tell that mountain to move over and have it move. These 10 are Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Daniel and Judas. (I could be mistaken on this list, but I like it nonetheless.) I believe that it’s possible that God granted Jesus’ request to have the cup taken away from him as he was being led to be crucified. So, God may have had Jesus’ twin brother Judas die on the cross instead. I also believe that there will be a lot more than 10 in the near future. I’m guessing about 139,990 more.